Little Annie
We all have different talents! And if we use them together we have the ability to change the world! I can’t always do what others can, and I love working in a team, here is a little bit about how you and I can work together!
Welcome to my ‘volunteers page’


Just like Little Annie the orphan girl was happy to be adopted, so I have found my own adopted family. I am quite a big girl though, so I need quite a big family to take care of me! Would you like to get involved? It’s Easy! Just contact my family and leave your details and how you would like to help. For example donating resources such as your time, expertise, building materials or funding.
My wish-list: •Enough fuel (+- 2000l Avgas 100LL) per month to do my work •Oil(+- 45l) per month •A fuel trailer to get fuel to remote places •People who will help me reach out to orphans and other people in need •People who will make sure I stay clean and healthy to fly safely - radial engine engineers, avionics specialists and airframe experts. •Businesses that will ask me to help them to help others •Support vehicle for outreaches to rural areas, towing the fuel trailer and moving me in and out of the hanger •Aircraft maintenance stand for maintenance and cleaning (I’m a big girl you know) •Spare tyres •Food/sweetie packs for the children who will join me in flight •People who can come assist on wash days (we have a lot of fun!) •Photography equipment and mobile photo printer for high quality photos and videos of outreaches.